EXO and FORM bikehouses

We make awesome modular bikehouses, that can be in any size, color and with any extras that client can think of. All our bikehouses have welded grating floor and tin roof.

EXO house on the left and FORM house on the right photo


Advantages of EXO and FORM bikehouses

  • bikehouses can be set to any terrain without any preparation
  • bikehouses can be easily relocated
  • bikehouses are locked and secure
  • You can place mobile charger for electric bikes to bikehouse
  • You can use mobile bike rental systems in our bikehouses

Our bikehouses are all mobile

EXO and FORM bikehouses can be set to any terrain without any preparation, You can also move bikehouse at any time. All bikehouses are just a bit under 20 square meters, but ou can always ask for bigger bikehouse – size doesn’t matter!


Our bikehouses are secure

Securing our bikehouses – there is nothing to be afraid – You can use simple locks, magnetic locks, validator apps etc etc. It’s safe to say that You can use whatever security system there is with our bikehouses. You can connect cameras, movement sensors or even infrared sensors that automatically alert police or at least neighbours. 


So how many bikes can You fit?

FORM-6 fits 6 bikes
EXO/FORM-10 fits 12 bikes
EXO/FORM-15 fits 16 bikes
EXO/FORM-20 fits 20 bikes


Our bikehouses are just too cool!

100% Made in Estonia – design by Estonian Art Academy product development group and all the hard metalwork by Hakude Service. Our product was on the Innovative top10 in 2014.

Still not convinced? Check out the gallery below: